It is mandatory that the author or at least one of the authors of each accepted paper should register to the SICE MSCS 2021, which includes the SICE ISCS 2021, for participation, banquet and paper publication, and should make payments before uploading the final paper. Be careful not to forget to pay the publication fee in addition to the registration fee if your papers are accepted.

Advance registration will provide low prices for participation and only accept credit-card payments via the registration site shown below. On-site registration will only accept payments by cash. All the types of payments will be made in Japanese yen (JPY).

Registration fees

Registration of participation includes a copy of the Proceedings of the MSCS 2021. Those who register to the MSCS 2021 can attend all the symposia of the MSCS 2021 as well as the ISCS 2021. Note that the fee for the banquet is not included in the fee for participation. Registration of the banquet can be completed together with registration of participation.

Participation in SICE MSCS/ISCS 2021
Advance registration* (per person) On-site registration (per person)
Member** JPY 10,000 JPY 15,000
Non-Member JPY 20,000 JPY 25,000
Non-Member Student JPY 6,000 JPY 8,000

* The deadline of advance registration is February 15, 2021 (Japan Time; GMT +9).

** These items include members of SICE, members of IEEE, and members of Japanese societies that the SICE MSCS/ISCS 2021 is held in association with. Visit the MSCS 2021 site to find the list of societies of the last category.

Publication fee
  • JPY 8,000 per paper

For authors of accepted papers

First, complete registration and payment at the registration site (Gakkai Web Net) of the MSCS 2021.

The MSCS 2021 includes the ISCS 2021 as one of the symposia held at the same time. Below are additional instructions:

  • For the Membership Category, if you are a member or a student member of the societies in association with the MSCS/ISCS 2021, choose "Member of the societies in association with the MSCS/ISCS" and input your membership number of the society. You can find the list of the societies on the MSCS 2021 site.
    • Member: Choose "Member of the societies in association with the MSCS/ISCS".
    • Student member: Choose "Student Member of the societies in association with the MSCS/ISCS".
  • For the Registration Category, choose "Oral Presentation (JPY 8000)" for all categories of ISCS papers, regardless of your membership. Register the paper numbers of all of your accepted ISCS papers there. Upon your registration, a personal account is created for you in the registration site and, upon your payment, the Voucher Code is provided for each of your papers that you registered. The voucher codes will be found in your personal account page.

With the voucher code you obtained, your final manuscript can be uploaded at the paper submission site PaperCept. (Enter the voucher code as "upload fee code.")

The final manuscript due is

  • Wednesday, January 27, 2021 (Server time of PaperCept)

Cancellation Policy

Should you need to cancel your registration, please contact us via our Contact page in the first instance.

It is noted that cancellation is subject to the following cancellation fees:

  • Participation fees and banquet fees
    • Requests before February 15 (JST): 0% (i.e., Full refund)
    • Requests after February 16 (JST): 100% (no refund)
  • Publication fees
    • Requests before December 18 (JST): 0% (Full refund)
    • Requests after December 19 (JST): 100% (no refund)